MRF Wood Coat High Solid Sealer 1L
  • MRF Wood Coat High Solid Sealer 1L
  • MRF Wood Coat High Solid Sealer 1L

MRF Wood Coat High Solid Sealer 1L

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MRF Wood Coat PU High Solid Sealer is an excellent Base Coat for PU Finishes - UV Stable and Water Resistant

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MRF Wood Coat is a 100% Aliphatic Polyurethane (PU) coating specially designed for wood surfaces. It can be applied on natural wood, veneer and engineered wood. It provides a protective film of polyurethane over wood, preserving it from rain, sunlight and atmospheric pollutants. The coating is tough enough to resist abrasion and flexible enough to accomodate expansion and contraction in wood and movements in wood joinery. The clarity of the film is also excellent, enhancing the natural grains of the wood.    


  • 100% Aliphatic polyurethane.
  • Superior Grain filling and exccellent levelling characteristics.
  • Exceptional UV resistance.
  • Outstanding outdoor durability.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and stains.
  • Top coat is available in both glossy and matt finishes.

From the Manufacturer

This premium quality transparent polyurethane (PU) finish for wood is so special that it makes one feel that beauty is eternal as long as you preserve it. Apart from the ultimate protection from sunlight and rain, one cannot stop admiring the incredible looks it casts upon the component coated with it.

The Sealer is just an under coat. Its use and the procedure to be followed to get the completed finish is as follows.

Materials Required for Application


  • Prepare the wood by dry sanding with emery grit 80 to smooth the grains and undulations on the surface. Sanding should be done along the grain.
  • Look for dents, cracks and aberrations on the surface and correct them. Dents and similar aberrations can be repaired using transparent or pigmented wood/dent fillers. Fillers can be pigmented using wood stains and powder pigments to get the desired results. Discoloured areas can be coloured to match the wood using wood stains and powdered pigments. This is an informative article on how to stain wood.
  • Once major imperfections are removed, dry sand with emery grit 120 to get a smoother finish.
  • Switch on the compressor to get the required PSI. (Here is an excellent article on how to spray paint using a paint gun and a compressor). Connect the spray gun to the compressor.
  • Wipe clean the surface to be sprayed using a dry cotton cloth.
  • The Sealer can be tinted or transparent depending on the desired final finish.

Pre-preparation For Porous woods

  • Mix the Sealer base and hardner in the given proportion without adding thinner. (All Mixes must be consumed within the prescribed pot life)
  • With a muslin/cotton cloth apply sealer mix along the grain on to the entire surface maintaining uniform thickness.
  • After the sealer has completely cured and hardened, sand the flat surfaces with 180 grit free cut/ open cut emery using an emery trowel. For uneven, round, carved etc surfaces, 3M hand pads/scotch brite hand pads equivalent to 180 grit can be used. All excess sealer must be sanded and removed completely to get a smooth uniform surface. Wipe the thus surface clean.
  • The rest of the procedure is the same as for regular woods.

For Regular woods

  • Mix Sealer base and hardner along with 10% - 15% thinner. Pour mix into the spray gun.
  • Spray the sealer onto the surface.
  • Clean the spray gun.
  • Wait for sealer to cure and harden.
  • Sand with emery/hand pad grit 600. Wipe clean.
  • Additional coats of sealer can be applied for a smoother finish.
  • Mix Top coat (Matt or Glossy or Mix a of the two) base and hardner in the given proportion along with 10% - 15% thinner. Pour mix into the spray gun.
  • Spray mix onto the entire surface. 
  • Wait for top coat to cure and harden. 
  • Sand with emery/hand pad grit 800. Wipe clean.
  • Spray a second coat of the top coat.
  • Wait for top coat to cure and harden.
  • In case of gloss finish, additional top coats can be added by sanding with 1000 grit emery between coats.
  • Gloss top coats can be further buffed using rubbing compounds to get a high gloss finish.


  • If the wood is previously coated, remove the coating by scraping and a paint remover. Ensure the paint remover has completely evaporated before coating. 
  • Ensure exterior woods are coated from all sides.

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UV Resistant
Grain Filling
Recoating Time
7-8 Hours
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