3M Perfect-it 1 Step Finish Compund
  • 3M Perfect-it 1 Step Finish Compund

3M Perfect-it 1 Step Finish Compund 100g

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3M 1-Step Rubbing Compound is a 2 in 1 product that removes minor scratches and scuffs from automotive paint and restores gloss to the paint/lacquer.

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3M 1-Step Rubbing Compound is specially formulated product for removal of minor scratches and restoration of gloss of paints and lacquers in a single step. Minor scratches on automotive paint, PU, Polyester, Melamine and other coating no deeper than the surface coat, can be easily removed and cleaned using a simple buffing technique.

Materials required for scratch removal and buffing

  • 3M 1-Step rubbing compound
  • Cotton waste
  • 3M Liquid Wax
  • Wet sanding papers grit #1500, #2000
  • For larger jobs such as the complete painted car surface a Polisher machine fitted with a Wool Pad is recommended.

Application Method

  • Squeeze a wet rag over the affected area and sand using water emery of grit 1500. Make sure the sanding is to the entire depth of the scratch. The surface will now be dull and devoid of gloss.
  • Next sand the surface using water emery grit #2000 by first squeezing a wet rag over the surface. This removes scratches caused by the #1500 grit emery.
  • Apply a small quantity of the rubbing compound on the sanded surface.
  • Using a handful of cotton waste gently rub the compound in a circular motion. If you are using a polisher gently press the pad against the area.
  • Once the compound has been wiped off, vigorously buff the surface using the polisher or micro fiber cloth.
  • Minor scratches and dirt will be removed and gloss will also be restored.

Recommended for use with 3M 1-Step Rubbing

To further enhance the gloss, buff the surface by applying 3m Premium liquid wax.

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