MRF AquaCoat Wood Stain 100ml
  • MRF AquaCoat Wood Stain 100ml
  • MRF Wood Stain for Interior 100ml

MRF AquaCoat Water Based Wood Stain 100ml

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Water Based Wood Stain compatible with water Water Based Wood Coatings.

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Water Based Wood Stain Colours: Oak Yellow


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MRF Aquacoat Wood Stain is a water based, wood stainer for use on interior and exterior wood. The wood stain is translucent. While the stain provides a hue to the wood, the natural wood grains are still visible, giving it a rustic appeal. The water based wood stain is slow drying and gives a more even finish than a solvent based stain. It is avaliable in a wide range of shades and can be used along with PU, Polishes and Melamine.


  • Enables staining of wood to colours of your choice
  • Can help match variations in colour of the wood
  • Fast drying
  • Colour fast even in sunlight
  • Compatible with most wood finish top coats and sealers
  • Can be inter-mixed to produce different wood hues
  • Wide range of colours


  • This product is a wood stain and not a final finish. The wood stain application must be protected by a top coat such as PU, Polish or Melamine.


  • Sand the surface of the wood using open coated aloxite sand paper of grit 120 along the grains of the wood. For hard woods, it might be necessary to sand using a coarse grit such as 80.
  • Wet the surface using a damp cloth. Allow the water to soak into the grains. Once the grains have swollen to the maximum, sand again using open coated aloxite sand paper grit 120 along the grain.
  • Allow to dry and sand using open coated aloxite sand paper of grit 180 along the grain.
  • Use the wood stain directly to attain a dark tone. Dilute with water to get a lighter tone.
  • Soak a cotton rag in the wood stain. Wipe the wood surface with the rag along the grain with a smooth sweeping motion.
  • Make sure not to place the rag at one spot for too long. This will lead to a patchy finish.
  • The coating system can be applied once the stain has dried for 4-6 hours, depending on the ambient conditions of temperature and humidity.
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Water Based
UV Resistant
6 Shades
Method of Application
Brush, Spray, Rag
Drying Time
Slow Drying
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