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Wallpaper created by Sabyasachi Mukherjee for Nilaya by Asian Paints. Ornate and resplendent traditional Indian prints are a signature of this wallpaper collection.

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The Sabysachi for Nilaya creations are as rich and layered as the muse that inspires them – the vast and varied theatre that is India. Add to that a sublime eclecticism, an original eye and a design instinct that is in a class by itself the Sabyasachi for Nilaya Wallpaper Collection is one of its kind.

Of exotic spices and mysterious tales of trade. Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, bay leaves and star anise; fragrant, exotic and potent. A tale of romance, travel and discovery; of arid landscapes, hostile deserts, mighty mountains and travelling caravans along the Spice Route. Gypsies and romance, folklore and forgotten tales. This collection draws its inspiration from the fabled spices of India, enticing traders and travelers across the globe for centuries.

Fables and parables, folklore and fortune tellers, Jataka tales and Panchatantra; summer tales shared over stolen mangoes. Mithu Miyan is the perfect wallpaper for the urban home with a rustic soul.

Dimensions of 1Roll of wallpaper - 21.2 inches x 30 feet.

Hanging Instructions

Surface Preparation :
Any old wallpaper should be removed. Walls should be clean, dry and smooth. Prepare surface with a premixed, universal wallcovering primer.

1. Measuring from a corner of your starting wall, mark a vertical plumb line at a distance of 1" less than the paper width.
2. Cut your first strip of wallpaper 4" longer than the wall height you intend to cover.
3. For Prepasted Paper - Roll the cut strip loosely with pattern side in, paste side out. Submerge rolled strip in warm water for 30 seconds to activate paste.
For Unpasted Paper : Using a clear, light-medium weight, pre-mixed adhesive, apply an even film of paste to the back of the paper, moving the paste brush or applicator from the center to the edge.
4. Fold moistened strip paste-to-paste, and allow to set for 3 minutes.
5. Carry the wallcovering to the wall. Place one edge of your strip along the vertical plumb line and allow the remainder of the strip to go into and around the corner.
6. Smooth out bubbles using a smoothing brush. Trim top and bottom with a straigth edge and a razor knife. Wipe each strip clean with water and sponge.
7. Using pattern match at baseboard or bottom of the strip and ceiling as reference, determine the length of your next strip, allowing extra for trimming. Then follow step #3 as above.
8. Slide the next strip into position with its edge butted against the edge of the preceding strip. Do not overlap seams. Gently roll butted seams with a seam roller. Be sure to match design of the adjescent strip at eye level.

Repeat steps #6, #7 and #8.

Please Note
. Reverse hang strips of wallcovering on random matched textures.
. Wallpaper installation will not be possible on a rough surface.
. Nilaya Wallpaper Glue is recommended for hanging. Works well on all surfaces (Masonry, Glass, Acrylic, Non Laminated woods) and for all types of wall coverings (woven, non woven, fabric, paper and vinyl backed papers).
. Solvent based paint must be removed/ scrubbed off completely before installation.
. Old water based paint, if not in good condition, has to be removed.
. Dampness in the surface, must be treated prior to Installation.
. Cracks in surface must be treated with a suitable crack bridging agent.
. Carefully examine the wallpaper for colour, design, quality and imperfections before installing. Warranty claims will be limited after cutting and hanging.


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Nilaya Sabyasachi Wallpaper - Mithu Miyan

Nilaya Sabyasachi Wallpaper - Mithu Miyan

Wallpaper created by Sabyasachi Mukherjee for Nilaya by Asian Paints. Ornate and resplendent traditional Indian prints are a signature of this wallpaper collection.

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