Fosroc Reebaklens RR


Rust remover, cleaning and etching agent

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Reebaklens  RR  cleaning  agent  is  a  combination  of  acid based  material, corrosion  inhibitors  and  dispersing  agents and  is  supplied  as  a  clear  green  solution.


Reebaklens  RR  is  used  as  a  rust  remover  from  steel  bars prior to encasing in concrete / microconcrete.  It can also be used  on  other  steel  surfaces  prior  to  coating  with  epoxy systems.


  • Safe  with  metals  (except  zinc  and  galvanised  steel),  wood, glass,  plastic  and  rubber.   
  • No  corrosive  action.
  • Penetrates oil  and  grease.

Application Procedure

For rusted metal (iron base)

  • Apply  Reebaklens  RR  with  brush  for  complete  wetting  of rusted metal surface and allowed to react it for 16-24 hours.
  • After  24  hours,  a  white  layer  will  appear  which  will  protect further corrosion of metal / steel for about 5-7 days.  
  • Before applying  protective  coating,  the  surface  should  be  wire brushed and thoroughly cleaned for dust with dry cloth.

Removal of rust and mill scale

  • Prewet  the  floors,  then  using  a  stiff  bristle  broom,  brush  the affected  areas  with  a  solution  of  Reebaklens  RR  leaning agent and water. Strength of the solution required will vary but  should  be  between 1  :  1  and  1  :  4  (Reebaklens  RR cleaning agent to water).
  • When  the  action  has  finished,  wash  down  thoroughly  with clean  water. Wire  brush  again  to  remove  remaining  loose material  and  finish  by  thoroughly  washing  down  with  clean water. Repeat if necessary.  
  • High degree of rust or scale can be removed by soaking in the Reebaklens RR cleaning agent solution  for  60  minutes


Approx. 2.0 - 2.5  sqm/L (Note coverage depends on the rusted area and the depth of deposition)

Health and Safety

  • Reebaklens RR cleaning agent is acid based and should be handled with care. It attacks zinc, aluminium and putty. If in doubt about its effect on a material, test a small area before
  • Avoid  contact  with  skin. Rubber  gloves  and  goggles  should be worn. 
  • Wash spillages with plenty of water. 
  • Enclosed areas should  be  well  ventilated.   
  • If  contact  with  eyes  occur,  wash immediately  with  water  and  seek  medical  advice.
  • Fire - Reebaklens  RR  cleaning  agent  is  non  flammable


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Fosroc Reebaklens RR

Fosroc Reebaklens RR

Rust remover, cleaning and etching agent

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